A big thx

A big thx to Mangetti Africa Tours for organizing the most amazing self-driving tour through Simbabwe, Botswana & Namibia. We particularly enjoyed the very well picked accommendation as well the lovely tour description. You really pampered us and created an unforgettable honeymoon!

A spell of remains …

A spell of remains …

We had high hopes for this trip. What shall we say? Our expectations were met in every way! Your enthusiasm for this country was contagious, dear Kathrin. Thanks for sharing with us! Thank you, Walt, for your exciting explanations to all our questions. All the time we felt comfortable because of your wonderful company. We´ll be back in 4 years. Promised!

Anja mit Neele und Mirko

Wir träumen schon …

„You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves your heart.“ We want to send a very big THANKS to you for the great experiences and adventures that you gave to us! This was one of the greatest holidays ever because of YOU lovely Kathrin and Walt and the fantastic wildlife and nature in SA.

Wir träumen schon von unserem nächsten Trip zu Euch!
Anja und Tommi mit Nils und Peter

A little interesting story …

Eine kleine interessante Geschichte aus dem Etosha Nationalpark.

A little interesting story from Etosha National Park.




Blog ist aktiv / Blog is online

Nun endlich ist auch unser Blog aktiv. Für noch mehr spannende, lustige und wissenswerte Geschichten aus Afrika. Finally our blog is online for even more exiting, funny and worth knowing stories about Africa.
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