Mangetti Africa Tours is an innovative and owner managed Travel Company.

We offer specialized tours through Southern Africa for individuals and small groups up to a maximum of 8 people. We as Mangetti Africa Tours create Tailor Made itineraries for guided as well as self-drive tours. With our passion for nature, wildlife, history, cultures, photography, conservation and years of experience, we are a reliable and service-oriented travel companion.
We welcome you - Kathrin Juszczak & Walt Bruwer


A Tailor-made tour is an individual and unique itinerary created just for you or your group that wish to travel. With a limitless combination of attractions and destinations around Southern Africa we include all you wish to see and activities you want to do during your travels. Your itinerary can be of any length in days as it suits you and it can include standard to luxury accommodation or camping. A tailor made itinerary, self-drive or guided will make your journey to Southern Africa a unique experience.


A qualified guide will accompany you on your journey and will be responsible for driving the vehicle, the planning of the days traveling and activities, decision making and the overall organization of the tour. The guide will not only share the wealth of his/her knowledge and information with you but will ensure that you have a relaxed and an unforgettable African experience. Your guide can conduct your tour in either English or German whatever suits your requirement.


A special interest tour concentrates mainly on a specific area of interest or adventure and go of the so called beaten track. The variety of itineraries is specifically designed to cover a small area with highlights and special events like photography, 4X4 tracking, hikes and wildlife. For the more adventurous that want to travel off the beaten track we designed itineraries that cover areas in the Southern African countries of Namibia and Botswana that mostly consist of gravel roads and camping with less visited but worth wile attractions.


Mangetti Africa Tours use the city of Cape Town as base and we offer standard tours ranging from a 3 day tour up to tours of seven days in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape. With endless combinations of attractions and activities you can also design your own individual itinerary and we will include all you wish to see and do during your stay in Cape Town. Your itinerary can be of any length in days as it suits you. The standard tours or your specialized individual itinerary can be a self-drive or guided tour that will be conducted in either English or German whatever suits your requirement.


Mangetti Afrika Tours


Our destinations are South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Mangetti Afrika Tours


Wildlife in abundance only in Africa.

Mangetti Afrika Tours


Easy self drives to organized guided tours for individuals and small groups.

Mangetti Afrika Tours


From deserts to wetlands, to jungle, to mountains, to beaches - you will find everything in Southern Africa.




about Kathrin



about Walt



Kathrin – I am a professional photographer...

I am a professional photographer born and raised in Markranstädt a town close to Leipzig in Germany. During my apprenticeship in photography I discovered by numerous travels in and outside Europe my passion and curiosity for foreign countries and cultures. After extensive journeys through, Asia, New Zealand and South America I longed for one continent to travel to and that was Africa. I finally booked a organized tour in October of 2010 and after four weeks of traveling through Namibia and South Africa I had to go home but my heart was left in Africa. I visited Africa on several occasions afterwards and my love for it's people, landscapes and animals urged me to settle there. I moved to Cape Town in January 2014 and together with my life partner Walt we established Mangetti Africa Tours.


Walt – Growing up in Namibia Etosha National Park...

Growing up in Namibia, my home town was close to Etosha National Park and that was where I spent a lot of my youth with my family and friends enjoying nature and animals in the wild. Without realizing it, I learned a lot about the behaviour of animals and with that later the facts as I spent numerous hours reading about them. Needless to say tourism hardly existed in my youth and with independence of Namibia the tourist industry grew rapidly over the years. My last two years spending time in Etosha National Park before I left for Cape Town to study in 1994 brought me in contact with tourists that fascinated me about their travels and desire to see and experience what I took for granted. It was since then that I had the urge to share my passion and knowledge about Namibia the land its people its animals and history but that only got fulfilled about a decade later when I joined the tourist industry in September of the year 2000. Ever sins I have been leading tours in Southern and East Africa meeting countless of interesting people from all over the world drove tourist vehicles for hundreds of thousands of kilometres cooked traditional meals for hundreds of tourists and visited places of interest in twelve different countries in Africa. My passion for Africa lead me into starting my own company with my life partner to provide private small group and family tours to clients who needs tailor made tours of high standards in traveling experiences and information.

Mangetti Africa Tours

The most important rule is to pack according to your needs, the climate, duration and nature of your travels. Because of space please limit your amount of luggage!
Your clothing should be functional, durable, easily washable and quick drying. Sturdy footwear is essential for any trip. It is necessary to bring warm clothes as it can be very cold at night even in the summer time. Based on dusty roads, especially in Namibia you should pack more exclusive pieces of clothing in vacuum sealable plastic bag. This also applies for technical devices such as mobile phones, cameras, lenses, computers, e.g.

Pack recommendations: (See below extras for camping tours.)
• Waterproof jacket / pants (if you are traveling during the rainy season from December - March)
• fleece jacket / sweater
• bathing suits
• sun hut / sunscreen / sunglasses
• long arm shirts and short sleeves
• hiking / trekking pants
• hiking boots / sturdy shoes!
• flip flops / sandals
• short / long pants
• outgoing outfit / dress
• underwear / socks
• water bottle
• pocket knife
• flashlight / headlamp (+ extra batteries)
• Toiletries / hair dryer (please dispense on camping tours on electric toothbrushes)
• hygiene and wet tissues
• glasses / contact lenses and cleaner (because of the dust please do not use contact lenses during the day )
• Alarm clock
• socket adapter (please ask for adapters for South Africa, Namibia and Botswana)
• backpack or carrying case
• items of personal nature
• personal  medication
• mosquito repelled (for tropical countries)
• a small security lock

Camping tours:
• Sleeping bag / small pillow (camping)
• towels
(Tents, mattresses and cutlery are included in the tour equipment.)

Please pack for wildlife safaris only clothes in muted colors otherwise there are no restrictions or requirements.

download the list

Mangetti Africa Tours

To go well prepared on your tour, we have compiled a checklist of useful tips.

Travel Documents and Visas
Please check all compelled travel documents for at least 8 weeks before your departure. Find out if you need a visa for entry to South Africa, Namibia or Botswana, as each country has different regulations. For entry to Zimbabwe most Nationalities can obtain the visa directly at the border but some Nationalities needs to obtain the visa from the Zimbabwean embassy in their respective countries. Please insure if you are entitled to obtain a visa on entry to Zimbabwe. The visa must be paid in US$ cash, no credit cards accepted. You can find all important information about Visas on the websites of the respective embassies. For British citizens, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) offers free up-to-date travel information at:
Please ensure that your passport is still valid at least 6 months after your return and have multiple free pages for immigration use. If this is not the case, there may be difficulties at border crossings.
We ask you, in your own interest, to avoid this by getting a new passport or add pages in your existing passport in time. If you have dual citizenship, travel exclusively with one passport.

It is your own responsibility to insure the validity and accuracy of your travel documents and necessary visa requirements!

Insurance and Travel Insurance / Health
Please obtain the necessary travel and health insurance (compulsory by law) which is tailored to your personal needs and cover you for the entire duration of your travels abroad. Always keep your insurance documents on you personally for access in an emergency.

Because of the different compatibility of medication and vaccinations, you should always consult your doctor or a tropical institute before your departure. You should go 4-8 weeks before departure because some vaccinations only guarantee full protection after repeated application. Recommended for Southern-Africa are hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies and all standard vaccinations. We suggest checking if there are sufficient vaccinations or if you require any further vaccinations or if you just need to renew. Some countries require a yellow fever vaccination certificate on entry. Failure to produce a certificate may lead to an entry refusal. In rare cases, the possibility exists that vaccination get administered at the border. Please always keep your vaccination passport on you while traveling.

Unfortunately there is no vaccination against malaria. Here various prophylaxes are recommended. Consult your doctor or a tropical institute on prophylaxes that suites your needs. Malaria is a serious disease and symptoms normally occur 1 to 2 weeks after infection. It’s recommended to observe even after returning home for any symptoms and consult a doctor. Supplementary protection includes insect repellent, a mosquito net and long sleeve clothing in the evenings.
Please be sure of the malaria status of the areas you will be traveling.
For traveling a personalized first aid kid is recommended.

Always follow the general instruction given by your guide carefully to avoid usually small mishaps or accidents.

Money and Travel Fund
The most common questions before people travel are: how can I keep my money safe and what is the safest ways of payment?

Traveler checks
Traveler checks are more secure than cash but always associated with great effort and partly also on-going cost.

Driving in Namibia
If you are planning to do a self-drive tour in Namibia you will be required to obtain an international driver’s license.

Credit cards
Most travelers choose credit card payment. You should note that not all kinds of credit cards are accepted everywhere. So you should use American Express and Master card only for drawing cash. VISA is the most accepted credit card and therefore recommended. But please keep in mind that even here fees for the use can be requested. Please ask your local bank for more details. Please note that all ATMs only give cash in local currency. You can just draw US$ on ATMs in Zimbabwe.

The easiest way of payment is still cash. Bureau de change can be found almost everywhere. Generally US$ is the easiest currency to change but Euro and Pound will not be a problem.

Never carry more cash then you need and always keep credit cards and cash separate from each other.

download the list

Mangetti Africa Tours

Following the announcement of the new regulation put into place by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding travelling with children in and out of South Africa, please take urgent note of the below summary from the Publication of the Draft Immigration Regulations 2014 in regard to documentation required when travelling with children under 18 years.

• Both parents travelling with child(ren) under the age of 18 years have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child (both parents' details must be on the birth certificate).
• One parent travelling with child(ren) must have consent from other parent in the form of an affidavit or custody agreement confirming permission to travel with child(ren).
• One parent travelling with child(ren) and other parent passed away, must produce death certificate of deceased parent.
• Guardians travelling with child(ren) must provide affidavits from parents giving permission for child(ren) to travel.
Failure to provide these documents can result in being denied entry.

• Passport must be valid for at least 30 day after intended date of departure from South Africa.
• Passport must have two blank 'visa' pages (please note that blank 'endorsement' pages will not suffice.
• Visitors to South Africa for tourism, short business meetings or transit: no visa needed for up to 90 days. No extension available on tourism visas.
• All other travellers need visas (incl. academics, students on educational trips, entrepreneurs, workers and volunteers). Must apply in person in country of ordinary residence or citizenship.
• A change of visitor visa status is not possible while in South Africa, so visitors intending to work in South Africa must apply for work visas before arrival in South Africa.
• Overstaying a visa expiry date can result in being declared undesirable and being barred from entering South Africa for a specific period of time.


Deposit and Payment

• the tour price includes only the specified services and activities that you find in the itinerary and your travel documents. For optional activities, snacks, alcohol, gratuities and donations will have to be paid extra by the individual.
• After conclusion of the contract and delivery of the travel documents, a deposit of 25% of the tour price is payable immediately (the transfer must be received within 7 working days after the booking otherwise the booking will automatically be cancelled).
• The FULL amount of the tour price must be deposited 28 days before the start of the tour (thus if the booking is made within 28 days before the start of the tour the full amount of the tour price is to be paid immediately)

• If the booking is cancelled after the deposit has been made there can be no refund since the deposit will be used to pay the deposits for bookings on the tour.
• If the booking has been canceled less than 28 days before tour start, the customer is obliged to pay the following penalties to Mangetti Africa Tours:
- In case of cancellation 28-15 days before departure, 35% of the price contracted.
- In case of cancellation 14-7 days before departure, 75% of the price contracted.
- In case of cancellation 7-0 days before departure or for not appearing, 100% of the price contracted.

All rights & obligations can be found in our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions


Mangetti Africa Tours are obligated  to provide all services offered subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.

Mangetti  Africa Tours means: Mangetti Africa Tours (Pty) Ltd/ 2013/030335/07
Passenger means: Individuals, groups or other legal persons using the services and tours offered by Mangetti Africa Tours.
Services means: The provision of accommodations and/ or transportation and/ or meals and/ or activities and/ or services as offered by Mangetti Africa Tours and accepted by the client.

After conclusion of the contract and delivery of the travel documents a deposit of 25% of the tour price is payable immediately.
The FULL amount of the tour price must be deposited 28 days before the start of the tour (thus if the booking is made within 28 days before the start of the tour the full amount of the tour price is to be paid immediately)
The transfer must be received within 7 working days after the booking otherwise the booking will automatically be cancelled. Where circumstances do not permit the timeous receipt of funds, explicit confirmation of transfer of funds will enable us to reserve services.
Payments may be deposited directly into the following bank account:
Mangetti Africa Tours (PTY) LTD.
First National Bank
Business Cheque Account: 62590908285
Bank Code: 201511
Swift address: FIRNZAJJ
Prices are quoted in South African Rand because of daily changes in the exchange rate for your currency.
Please remit the amount in ZAR to possibly avoid additional payments due to exchange rate fluctuations.

If the booking is cancelled after the deposit has been made there can be no refund since the deposit will be used to pay the deposits for bookings on the tour.
If the booking has been cancelled less than 28 days before tour start, the customer is obliged to pay the following penalties to Mangetti Africa Tours:
- In case of cancellation 28-15 days before departure, 35% of the price contracted.
- In case of cancellation 14-7 days before departure, 75% of the price contracted.
- In case of cancellation 7-0 days before departure or for not appearing, 100% of the price contracted.
For tours that include services of certain suppliers with more stringent policies, e.g., National Parks Board, accommodations and others, different cancellation fees will be enforceable. These will be provided when applicable.

Prices are subject to alternation without prior notice. Prices are also subject to adjustment in the event of changes in government imposed taxes, fuel price, accommodation charges, tourism levies and/or introduction of national, regional or local taxes or levies of whatever nature.

Accommodation is as specified in the tour iternerary and is based on two people sharing a double or twin bedded room. The use of specific accommodation is subject of availability. Mangetti Africa Tours reserves the right to make use of alternative accommodation without affecting the tour price. Single accommodation is availible for certain tours at an extra cost as specified in the tour iternerary.

The meals are included as specified in the tour itinerary. The client undertakes to disclose any food allergies or intolerances to Mangetti Africa Tours. Mangetti Africa Tours do not take responsibility for any health risks posed by such intolorances.

The guests are required to ensure that all such requirements are attended to as Mangetti Africa Tours accepts no responsibility in this regard.

We do not accept reservations for children under the age of three years on any tour type. We offer special Familiy Tours for travelling with children. For the regular tours the minimum age for children is 8 years old.

Mangetti  Africa Tours carries comprehensive client liability insurance details of which will be made available on request. Mangetti Africa Tours is not responsible for any damages sustained by any clients as a result of any act or omission whatsoever of any accommodation or other person.

The law of the Republic of South Africa shall govern the relationship between Mangetti Africa Tours and the client and the Courts of the Republic of South Africa shall have sole jurisdiction in respect of any claims and/or disputes which may arise between Mangetti Africa Tours and the client, or Agent.

Mangetti Africa Tours



  • Jeder aus der Familie ist auf seine Kosten gekommen...

    Liebe Kathrin, wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich für die tolle Reiseplanung unserer Reise nach Südafrika. Die Reiseroute entlang der Gardenroute war optimal für uns. Jeder aus der Familie ist auf seine Kosten gekommen. Wir sind durch Dich vom Südafrikavirus infiziert. In dieser kurzen Zeit haben wir so viele traumhafte Landschaften gesehen, die Tierwelt erlebt, Kapstadt kenngelernt, dass wir noch immer zu Hause die ganzen Erlebnisse verarbeiten müssen. Das ist toll!!!!! Und trotzdem hatten wir Zeit für uns und hatten Urlaub, weil du alles so perfekt organisiert hast und auf uns eingegangen bist. All unsere Erwartungen sind übertroffen worden. Du warst eine so angenehme Reisebegleitung. Es wird nicht unserer letzter Urlaub nach Südafrika gewesen sein. Auf jeden Fall wieder mit Mangetti Africa Tours und mit Dir.

    Herzlichste Grüße aus Düsseldorf von Mara, Marcus und Mareen
  • A spell of remains...

    We had high hopes for this trip. What shall we say? Our expectations were met in every way! Your enthusiasm for this country was contagious, dear Kathrin. Thanks for sharing with us! Thank you, Walt, for your exciting explanations to all our questions. All the time we felt comfortable because of your wonderful company.
    We´ll be back in 4 years.

    Anja mit Neele und Mirko
  • We were very happy...

    We were very happy with the itinerary that you guys put together for us and liked the fact you managed to incorporate everything we wanted to do as well as give us advice on different things here and there. We certainly racked up the miles and although there were a lot of early mornings, it was well worth it to ensure we fit everything in! We were very happy with the holiday and that Walt was able to fit us in between his 2 tours. It was nice to have a very an experienced guide with a wealth of knowledge. Walt is also a very good and safe driver. Thanks once again for organizing such a wonderful and memorable holiday for us!

    Sue & Scott
  • Wir sind glücklich es getan zu haben!

    Südafrika. Von Anbeginn, also Planung bis zur Entscheidung „wir tun es“ wurden wir von Kathrin und Walt „mitgenommen“. Das brachte Vertrauen. Ihr habt für uns mit viel Geduld eine Tour zusammengebastelt. Und unsere Ansprüche waren nicht ohne. Wir wurden nicht enttäuscht. Wir haben dank Euch ein Land kennengelernt was uns durch die Vielfältigkeit der Landschaft und einer für uns außergewöhnlichen Tierwelt immer wieder, ja täglich, neu begeisterte. Es war bunt, schön und freundlich. Und dank unserer Guides, Walt und Kathrin, lernten wir auch viele tolle Menschen kennen. Wir fühlten uns außerordentlich wohl und gut behütet.
    Tourguide, Security, Koch und Fahrer – hallo Walt – Danke!
    Organisator, Dolmetscherin ohne Ende, Improvisationstalent und gute Seele – hallo Kathrin – Danke!
    Wir kommen wieder! Oktober 2017! Bis bald.

    Uta und Günter
  • We were picked up by Walt...

    We were picked up by Walt at our hotel in Cape Town and driven over 4000 kilometers through the most stunningly beautiful Namibian landscape. Walt is the most experienced, knowledgeable, caring guide one could wish for. He made this trip a lifetime experience. The tour was extremely well organized from start to finish by Walt himself and his partner Kathrin. Time on the road never exceeded four hours per day, allowing us to stop and enjoy the scenery, take photographs and leisurely stretch our legs. Our accommodation throughout in a variety of upmarket lodges never fell below excellent. Every lodge offered spotlessly clean and comfortable accommodation, excellent facilities and delicious food, not to mention the most exquisite locations. We enjoyed many deliciously refreshing sundowners while admiring magnificent African sunsets. Outdoor "braiis" skillfully prepared by the local chefs encourages us to sample a wide range of exotic game dishes. Namibia is a wonderfully diverse country and we can only recommend a visit with Mangetti Africa Tour.

    Enrica and David Mottley
  • You can leave Africa, but...

    "You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves your heart." We want to send a very big THANKS to you for the great experiences and adventures that you gave to us! This was one of the greatest holidays ever because of YOU lovely Kathrin and Walt and the fantastic wildlife and nature in SA.
    Wir träumen schon von unserem nächsten Trip zu Euch!

    Anja und Tommi mit Nils und Peter


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